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Our Fleet of SpaceDrones

Affectionately called a SpaceDrone - the BlackStar represents a next generation high performance multi role spacecraft designed around a reusable common core spaceplane. This allows for a near infinite number of customer defined mission types while overcoming the disadvantages of legacy design.


Some of the key mission functions that the BlackStar Satellite can perform include:


  • Earth observation: The BlackStar Satellite can be equipped with a variety of sensors and cameras to observe the Earth from space, enabling applications such as environmental monitoring, weather forecasting, and disaster response.

  • Communications: The BlackStar Satellite can support a wide range of communication applications, from providing internet connectivity to remote areas to enabling secure and reliable military communications.

  • Defense: The BlackStar Satellite's advanced technology and reconfigurability make it well-suited for a variety of defense applications, including intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR), as well as support for military operations.

  • Science and research: The BlackStar Satellite can support a variety of scientific and research applications, such as studying the Earth's climate and atmosphere, mapping the ocean floor, or investigating celestial bodies.

  • Commercial services: The BlackStar Satellite can support a variety of commercial services, such as remote sensing for agriculture, forestry, and mining, or providing imagery for mapping and navigation applications.

image (11).png

The BlackStar LEO is a spaceplane - satellite hybrid.

ISR Platform.png

BlackStar- LEO/M
Satellite Bus

bso sideview high res v2_edited.jpg

Our Core Offering: A Multi-Role Smallsat Class Spaceplane. Unlike traditional legacy satellite systems, our combination of reusability and modularity can be tailored to fit your needs, providing a cost effective solution for your mission. 


Key Features:

  • Delta-V: 1400m/s w/60kg hardware

  • Propellant: HPH Monoprop

  • Refuel Capability: Yes

  • Customer Defined Configurations

S-Band TT&C / X-Band CD&H

Last Mile Delivery back to Earth

Designed to launch 25-100 times over it's 30 year projected lifespan.

BlackStar-LEO/M w/SAR Package

image (11).png

Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance as well as LEO Communications to support the national warfighter. Capable of hosting a suite of electronic and electro-optical payloads.


Key Features:

  • Delta-V: Variable

  • Propellant: Customer Defined

  • Refuel Capability: Yes

  • Synthetic Aperture Radar (option)

S-Band TT&C / X-Band CD&H

Can be configured for optics or laser

On demand VLEO Capability enabling a new regime for mission operators.

Cargo Shuttle

Screenshot 2023-07-09 114208.png

Our third stage last mile to orbit carrier vehicle can take up to 20U of cubesats and operate as a deployer and/or swarm controller. An internal bay enables life science and materials science research.


Key Features:

  • Delta-V: 1600m/s

  • Propellant: HPH Monoprop

  • Refuel Capability: Yes

  • Customer Defined Configuration

S-Band TT&C / X-Band CD&H

Returns to operator for relaunch

Internal payload hosting for SpaceBox in addition to advanced R&D needs.

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