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The BlackStar Mission

Reimagining High Performance Spacecraft


At BlackStar Orbital, we believe that space can be accessible to everyone. That’s why we are revolutionizing what satellites can do by reinventing what a satellite is.


We are building reusable spacecraft which launch and deploy like satellites and land like a spaceplane. 


We offer the satellite customer a new form factor to place hardware on orbit. 


We believe that with the right technology, our world can become more efficient, safer, and smarter.


Our vision is to make space exploration, communication, transportation and exploration; more accessible than ever before!


Join us in our journey and become a part of the next space revolution.

Key Services

Spacecraft Scientist


BlackStar Orbital has recently unveiled a revolutionary new spacecraft, the BlackStar Satellite (Read: SpaceDrone). This is reconfigurable and upgradable.


This next generation satellite represents the world's first commercialized spaceplane. The BlackStar is capable of a wide range of mission functions.


BlackStar promises to revolutionize the way we explore space.

Defense Systems

With the capacity of operating with most launch providers, BlackStar Orbital provides the warfighter with a critical tactical advantage.


Combining on demand launch and reflight capabilities with  an innovative approach to satellite and space systems design, BlackStar Orbital Technologies Corporation offers leading-edge solutions to protect the national warfighter on the ultimate high ground.

Future Plans

BlackStar Orbital Technologies Corporation has the end goal of enabling robust space development throughout the solar system. It only starts with SpaceDrones.


Further down the road we are investigating modular in-situ built vehicles for deep space exploration. 


To learn more about our exciting projects, please reach out to us. 

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