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BlackStar and KMI Announce Partnership for Active Debris Removal Mission

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Marquette, MI - BlackStar Orbital, an aerospace defense and spacecraft manufacturing company, is proud to announce a crucial partnership with Kall-Morris Incorporated (KMI), a leading space solutions company. This partnership marks an advancement in orbital debris mitigation technology, following signed agreements and priced Letters of Intent.

This partnership is intended to result in a committed satellite retrieval mission by 2027. KMI is focused on Active Debris Removal (ADR) for keeping space clear for all - a mission to be achieved through critical partnerships. The agreement with BlackStar Orbital proves the importance of addressing the growing challenge of space debris, which poses a significant threat to critical in-space infrastructure.

Troy M. Morris, Co-Founder & CEO of KMI commented, “KMI has continued to move farther and faster with our critical partnerships, and the addition of the shared ideals and opportunities with BlackStar Orbital only further advances the aligned objectives for both organizations. Rapid response and dynamic maneuvering are essential elements to realize the national goals for Dynamic Space Operations, and with this partnership, KMI and BlackStar Orbital can enable that capability.”

Christopher Jannette, President & CEO of BlackStar Orbital, states, "BlackStar Orbital is proud to join forces with Kall Morris Inc, leveraging their advanced technology to combat the threats posed by orbital debris. This partnership underlines our commitment to innovation and our responsibility towards ensuring the safety and sustainability of space exploration."

An AI rendered image of two derelict satellites colliding. Highlighting the risks inherent to orbital debris and the importance of relationships such as the one KMI and Blackstar are cultivating.
An AI Rendered image of the threat posed by orbital debris if left unchecked.

The partnership between KMI and BlackStar Orbital demonstrates a mutual commitment toward facilitating a future where space endeavors thrive free from destructive collisions. By integrating KMI’s innovative debris mitigation solutions and technologies with BlackStar Orbital’s mission, this endeavor strives to elevate the safety and dependability of space operations, curating a sustainable space environment.

About Kall Morris Incorporated:

Kall Morris Inc (KMI) is a space solutions company focused on space logistics and specialized in addressing unprepared objects in orbit to protect critical space assets to continue building the future. The co-founders combine civilian space agency AI/ML, defense aerospace rapid

prototyping, and commercial business development for a target-agnostic solution to an

exponential problem. KMI orbital debris research and solution development is focused on Active Debris Removal of legacy assets: significant debris objects that are unprepared for docking, often uncontrolled, and potentially unrecognizable. Headquartered in Marquette, Michigan, on the Upper Peninsula shores of Lake Superior, KMI is leveraging in-house proprietary software, exclusive patented hardware, and essential partnerships around the world, all aligned toward keeping space clear for all. Learn more at

About BlackStar Orbital Technologies Corporation: BlackStar Orbital Technologies Corporation is at the forefront of developing innovative space technologies, including the revolutionary BlackStar Spacecraft. With a focus on redefining access to space, BlackStar Orbital's mission encompasses Earth observation, environmental monitoring, and advanced communication solutions. For more information, visit


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