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BlackStar Orbital and OrbitsEdge Sign Mutual Letter of Intent to Facilitate Edge Based Swarm Control

Logo Courtesy OrbitsEdge

Cape Canaveral, FL (May, 3rd, 2023) BlackStar Orbital and OrbitsEdge have signed a mutual Letter of Intent for a purchase order series of 20 advanced space hardened edge computing units called the ProxOps module and 2ea additional 100W EdgeCompute modules along with theur associated hardware and software solutions in support of orbital operations with the BlackStar-C Spacecraft; which when operational will be the world's first fully reusable spaceplane / satellite hybrid known as a “Space Drone”. The BlackStar-C provides mothership capabilities for a fleet of small cubesats deployed which can perform a variety of on orbit operations custom tailored to the commercial and national defense customer.

OrbitsEdge is dedicated to providing the infrastructure required for COTS data center grade compute hardware and software to survive the space environment. This will facilitate ‘complex operations’ such as autonomy, assembly, maintenance, manufacturing, and other functions that are currently not practical in the space environment. It will also enable Earth observation analytics above the transport layer. This capability will be crucial to the goal of BlackStar-C swarm controller capabilities and eventual fully autonomous on orbit operations.

 Jetson Nano is a key component of the ProxOps Module
Jetson Nano (c) OrbitsEdge

Richard Ward, CTO of OrbitsEdge, says, “The capability BlackStar Orbital provides ties in very well with on orbit computation and high levels of storage. OrbitsEdge facilitates analysis above the transport layer and improves the overall quality of the data that is sent down to Earth. This information will greatly aid BlackStar Orbital and their customers in their pursuit of full spectrum on orbit mission operations as enabled by our edge computing capabilities”.

About OrbitsEdge:

OrbitsEdge was established in 2019 to bring high powered Edge compute to the space environment. They deliver high-performance computing micro datacenters to orbit, with which to process and analyze the vast amounts of data being created in space. Their cornerstone infrastructure solution will substantially increase computing power in space and reduce the bottlenecks of space data on Earth and it's associated bandwidth requirements.

About BlackStar Orbital:

BlackStar Orbital is a cutting-edge aerospace company dedicated to revolutionizing the small satellite market by offering reliable, reusable, and cost-effective spaceplanes for a diverse range of applications. With a focus on innovation and sustainability, our fleet of versatile vehicles is designed to meet the ever-evolving demands of the space industry, from satellite deployment and servicing to cargo transport and return.

About The BlackStar-C:The BlackStar-C spacecraft, developed by BlackStar Orbital, is a groundbreaking and versatile platform designed specifically to address the rapidly expanding small satellite market. With its unique combination of advanced engineering, reliability, and affordability, the BlackStar-C serves as the ideal solution for clients seeking streamlined and cost-effective access to space for their CubeSat and small satellite payloads.

BlackStar-C is designed to deploy and direct up to 60U worth of CubeSat Hardware
BlackStar-C deploying a CubeSat Swarm

The cornerstone of the BlackStar-C spacecraft is its exceptional payload capacity, capable of accommodating up to 200 kg for a full vehicle and 120kg for CubeSats swarm deployment and control. This robust capacity ensures that the BlackStar-C can cater to a diverse range of mission requirements, offering unrivaled flexibility for various commercial, scientific, and government payloads. Its compatibility with multiple launch systems further enhances its versatility, allowing clients Juan no to choose the most suitable and cost-effective launch provider for their specific needs for which the BlackStar-C can seamlessly integrate.

A key advantage of the BlackStar-C is its reusability, which significantly reduces both the environmental impact and overall cost of space access. Built using state-of-the-art materials and engineering techniques, the BlackStar-C is designed to withstand the demanding conditions of space travel, ensuring the longevity and cost-effectiveness of the spacecraft over multiple missions.

One of the standout features of the BlackStar-C spacecraft is its ability to deploy and service satellites in Low Earth Orbit (LEO) as well as offer on orbit swarm mothership capabilities, offering clients a reliable and cost-effective solution for satellite constellation maintenance and expansion. The innovative design of the BlackStar-C also allows for efficient on-orbit servicing and refueling with third party refuel supply operators, extending the operational life of satellites and reducing the need for costly replacements.

BlackStar Orbital’s Founder, Christopher Jannette has stated “At the core of the BlackStar-C spacecraft's development is a team of seasoned aerospace professionals with extensive experience in spacecraft design, engineering, and operations. Their dedication to innovation and continuous improvement ensures that the BlackStar-C remains at the forefront of the reusable small satellite market, delivering unparalleled value and performance for its clients. With the BlackStar-C, BlackStar Orbital is poised to revolutionize the way we access and utilize space, one mission at a time.


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