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BlackStar Orbital Achieves Key Milestone in Development of High-Performance Propulsion System

Updated: Jul 16, 2023

Mojave CA, 15 July 2023 – BlackStar Orbital, a pioneering space company committed to transforming access to space with reusable satellites, has accomplished a significant milestone in the advancement of its cutting-edge BlackStar-C "15K S2200" High Performance Orbital Maneuvering System. This achievement marks a crucial step towards validating the motor's in-space propulsion capabilities, opening up new possibilities for advanced space exploration and utilization.

The successful completion of the static fire test for the BlackStar-C Orbital Kick Motor took place as part of the company's "More Power To You" campaign". Prior to the test, rigorous pre-checks were meticulously conducted to ensure exceptional performance, reliability, and safety standards. Collaborating with their partners at US Rockets Inc, the test was conducted at their propulsion test facility in the Mojave Desert and only has recently been publicly announced, the test having been conducted in 2021 while the company remained in stealth.

During the test, the test article demonstrated impressive thrust, extended burn duration, and overall exceptional performance. The data collected from this milestone achievement will drive future enhancements and optimizations in the motor's design, enhancing its efficiency and effectiveness to remain a valuable tool for the customer.

The "15K S2200" High Performance Orbital Maneuvering System is a powerful solid propellant motor specifically designed to provide the BlackStar-C spacecraft with the necessary boost to high-g orbital maneuvers and optimize payload delivery. Its successful testing signifies the readiness of the technology for the demanding challenges of in-space propulsion, positioning BlackStar Orbital as an innovator in the defense and commercial reusable satellite sector.

This milestone accomplishment underscores BlackStar Orbital's unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of space exploration and opening up vast possibilities for both civilian and defense applications. Through continuous innovation and an unyielding dedication to pushing the limits of what is possible, BlackStar Orbital cements its position as a key player in the industry, propelling the boundaries of space exploration forward.

BlackStar-C is designed around the functionality of a multi role spaceplane for commercial and defensive systems.
BlackStar-C Deploying A Cubesat Swarm

About BlackStar Orbital: BlackStar Orbital is a pioneering space company dedicated to revolutionizing access to space with reusable satellites designed around a micro shuttle architecture.


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